Uri - The surgical strike

Posted on: 10 Feb 2019

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“How’z the Josh?”

“High Sir!”

“How’z the Josh?”

“High Sir!”

As I write these lines I get goose bumps. Such was the impact of the film “URI” on me and millions of Indians.

    Set on the real life incident of Surgical Strike which was carried out to give a befitting reply to the perpetrators of the URI attack on our soldiers in September 2016, this movie casts a spell on its audience right from the first frame to the last. The issue with the films on real life incidents is that we all know the story, we know how it ends before watching the film. We all know Surgical Strike did happen (except a few politicians who refuse it for their political gains). So the movie had to execute the story as true to life as possible to keep the audience engaged. The movie URI excels in this aspect of film making. The core of the plot and its end is very accurate. Those in the Indian army do feel that there are many aspects that were modified in the film.

      I was reading some discussions on quora.com that flying drone Garuda, the selection of soldiers for the mission, the female characters, the fist fight scenes in the movie are not accurate representation of the reality. But then we have to remember that this is a movie and not a documentary. The director had to use those elements to enhance cinematic experience and I am glad that the director Aditya Dhar has done it so well and balanced that the movie does not feel like an over-the-top-hyped-mass-entertainer-war-movie which we have seen so many already. That’s where I give credit firstly to the director plus writer.

     The performances of the whole cast starting from Vicky Kaushal has done full justice to the story. There are moments of high melodrama and emotions, some lighter moments. The sequence and planning of the surgical strike is done very well. The characters of current prime minister, defence minister and other cabinet ministers resemble the real ones. The movie is presented as chapters like how you would read a book.

Already in its fourth week, the movie is still running to packed houses. Why not? After all it’s not any less of a movie than some of the highest grossers we have seen so far. I hope it breaks all records.

Jai Hind…




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