Kavalu Daari (ಕವಲುದಾರಿ)

Posted on: 28 Apr 2019

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Kavaludaari is a unique Kannada film that borders between mystery, thriller and noir kind of film. Starring Anantnag and Rishi, the movie does give a lot of fodder for fans who look forward to such genre of films. The story revolves around a traffic cop and a retired police officer who try to reinvestigate a case of murders in the 1970s. The flow of the story, twists and turns are quite good, the performances of the lead actors are noteworthy. There is a small case of rejuvination towards the end. But the need for a traffic cop to investigate an old case that has no relevance for him is questionable. There is some justification given to this towards the end. But the reason could have been clearer from the beginning and script writers should have spent some more time in developing the lead characters. But a good attempt and a nice result in the end. 

Technically the movie stands out with very good background music, unique way of character narrating flashback etc.

My rating is 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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