102 Notout

Posted on: 26 Jul 2018

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102 NotOut

It's very rare that a movie(specially bollywood) can be carried out so brilliantly by two main characters who are 102 and 75 years old respectively. It is commendable that writer Saumya Joshi can think of such a plot and director Umesh Shukla can execute so flawlessly. The movie is about a 102 year old father trying to show real meaning of life to his 75 year old son, the rest you have to watch it to enjoy it. BoB (Big old Bachchan) and Rishi Kapoor lend life to the characters, while Jimit Trivedi who is sandwiched between the two stalwarts carves a niche for himself with his timely facial expressions. The movie only has 5 characters, most of the time only 3 and there are no female characters (sorry, don't call it gender bias), but the point is with all these limitations it makes it one hell of a movie to watch with your old parents. The fade-outs between the scenes with cartoon-kind of frames, soothing jazz-kind of background music blends very well into the whole narrative. One of the very few movies that I would give 4.5 out of 5 stars. Classic case of how a beautiful movie can be made out of lean story, but with strong characters, timely emotion and a perfect movie length (under 120 minutes). 

Adults only movie (in a different sense)... definitely worth it !!!

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