Mission: Impossible Fallout

Posted on: 01 Aug 2018

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               I had given the last two movies of this franchise a miss. I firmly believe that any movie franchise gets cliched and monotonous beyond the second or third sequel. I was not really looking forward to watch this, but when Rajeev Masand rated this 4/5, I was enticed!

                First off, it’s an out-and-out action movie like all its predecessors, but this one has some mind-blowing action sequences that keeps you engaged for 2 hrs and 20 minutes something. Everything is predictable, and you know what will happen next, almost, but it’s the “how it happens” part that keeps it moving briskly until the last scene. Tom Cruise delivers energy of a 20-year-old at 56, it’s his film all the way, he is in almost every frame of the film. When it comes to MI, he knows the best. The movie has everything that you look for in an action movie, the plutonium cores changing hands, the HALO jump, all kinds of vehicular chases, cars, bikes, helicopters, boats you name it, the usual defusal of detonations in the nick of time and the list goes on. But the action sequences look realistic, believable and they were apparently done by Cruise himself without stunt duplicates and the CGI. Phew!

                There is nothing really to talk about characterization, emotional, humor in an action movie like this. And that’s why I would rate it 3.5 stars out 5, with one whole star just for the action sequences. You won’t be disappointed with this one. Well worth the money and time!  


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